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This Commission will support the work Advocates for Children and Youth is doing to ensure that the funding formula provides adequate resources to school districts so that all students, especially those with special needs, such as students with disabilities, low income students, and English Language learners, have the opportunity to succeed.  A diverse Commission that includes stakeholders and advocates would be in a position to consider non-traditional funding strategies, such as non-linear funding for districts with high levels of concentrated poverty, and to develop a dedicated funding stream for full-day pre-k services for low-income students.

HB999/SB905 – Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education
Advocates for Children and Youth supports HB999/SB905 that establish the “Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education” to review the findings of the Study on Adequacy of Funding for Education in the State of Maryland that is to be completed on or before December 1, 2016 and to provide recommendations for ensuring adequate and equitable funding for all school systems in Maryland.

– March 1, 2016:  Senate held its hearing on SB905.  We submitted written testimony in support of this legislation.

– March 3, 2016:  The hearing on HB999 is held in the House Ways and Means Committee. To read our testimony, click here.

– March 10, 2016: SB905, passed the full Senate, by a vote of 46-0.  It is now headed for the House Ways and Means Committee.

– March 18, 2016:  The House passed HB999 with amendments to the text of the bill.  The amendments made some technical changes to he bill and added requirements regarding a county board of education’s annual update of the comprehensive master plan.

– April 7, 2016:  Both HB999 and SB905 passed!  The final bill includes amendments that the House Ways and Means Committee added into the bill and the Senate agreed to as well.