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After years of ardent advocacy, an adequately and equitably-funded public education system is now a reality. Funding in the next two fiscal years (FY21 | FY22) will come from three separate “buckets” of money to address the decades of underinvestment in public schools. This investment will advance equity so that the more than 900,000 students of every race, ethnicity, and place of birth can achieve their full potential through education.

Here are the “buckets”:

$1.2B : State funding for the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future implementation and the return to personal learning

$150M : State funding to address the impact of COVID-19

$1.95B : Federal funding to public education with the third round of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds

Educating our children is a community effort. So we have prepared several one-pagers that provide some actions you can take whether you are a teacher, parent or student. We all can lean in and affect change.

A call-to-action for parents and caregivers: Download here.
A call-to-action for teachers. Download here.
A call-to-action for students. Download here.