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January 30, 2018


ACY along with its partners from the ACLU, the Office of the Public Defender, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Community Law and Action, and others held a press conference in opposition of Governor Hogan’s proposed crime package. The Governor’s crime package proposes new mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, increases in the amount of time an inmate must serve prior to parole eligibility, and new gang legislation that would allow prosecutors to charge more youth as adults.

ACY opposes Governor Hogan’s proposed crime package in accordance with our opposition to mandatory minimum sentencing, increased lengths of prison stays, and our opposition to charging youths as adults. During the press conference, ACY’s Youth Justice Policy Director Maurice Vann noted that more legislation focused on youth crime was unwarranted because in Baltimore youth arrest for certain violent crimes declined in 2017 and youth were arrested in only 5 of the 343 murders in Baltimore in 2017, accounting for less than 2% of all murders. You can view the press conference here.