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Despite creative efforts to engage and educate former foster youth about their new coverage option, barriers remain with respect to obtaining and retaining coverage.  Most of these barriers are technological and some are described below.

  1. System recognition–Many former foster youth were “rolled-over” into Medicaid from the limited benefit PAC program and thus the system does not recognize them as former foster youth entitled to Medicaid coverage without regard to income until they turn 26;
  2. Inconsistent Application of  “Work-Around” Process–Maryland recently identified an interim mechanism for moving youth into an adult Medicaid eligibility category before they age out of the foster care. The inconsistent application of this “work-around” can result in a coverage gap; and
  3. System Overhaul–Maryland Health Connection switch to a new system which required all Medicaid and Qualified Health Plan enrollees to resubmit a full application to continue coverage.