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The Resilient Ones is an initiative to help foster youth—one of the most unseen and vulnerable populations in Maryland.

We have national statistics and local anecdotal stories which show foster youth need our attention. Our knowledge about foster youth grows every day. Our state agencies have thousands of children in their care. While in the State’s care, information about foster youth is restricted because of safety and privacy issues. When a youth ages out of care, there is limited-to-no information because their progress is not monitored. To add to this information embargo, foster youth typically do not self-identify. In all likelihood, foster youth are not aware of benefits that would help make their lives a bit easier.

The big question: How do we reach a population that needs support but is not easily found?

The Resilient Ones initiative identifies direct service providers who interact with foster youth and supply information specifically tailored for foster youth. In addition, we will continue to interact with foster youth to better understand their challenges so that we can determine how best to serve them.

Did You Know:

  • Former foster youth are more likely to experience chronic health issues than their peers, yet less likely to have access to a regular source of medical care
  • Historically, former foster youth have had fewer opportunities than their peers to attain post high school educational goals
  • Many former foster youth experience homelessness or unstable housing
  • On average 632 youth leave the Maryland Foster Care System each year, with almost 400 aging out in Baltimore City alone

We have collected stories to help us understand the personal and systemic challenges that foster youth face.

Below are additional resources that will be helpful to foster youth and those who support them.