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Who We Are

Advocates for Children and Youth improves the lives and experiences of Maryland’s children through policy change and program improvement. We are every child’s ally, working with government agencies and elected officials to continuously improve each child’s present and future.

Through our multi-issue platform, we affect the entirety of children’s worlds—the systems they touch, the people they interact with, and the environment where they live. We champion solutions to child welfare, education, health, and juvenile justice issues, positioning us to influence the full spectrum of youth experiences. We use independent research and proven best practices to recommend policies and programs that create measurable results.

What We Do

  • Track data that reflect the status of Maryland’s children, families, and communities, so as to better identify their needs;
  • Communicate and work with elected officials, agency department heads, and other key decision-makers to address policies and decisions affecting the county’s children;
  • Speak out to mainstream and other media, promoting our positions to bring about consensus and decision-making that beneficially affects Maryland’s children;
  • Publish research that sheds light on policy and other decisions affecting Maryland’s children; and
  • Establish and strengthen effective partnerships, identifying common ground between our respective goals.

What We Can Provide:

  • In-depth analysis of issues concerning children and youth
  • Statistics and summaries (statewide and county-by-county)
  • Recommendations that can drive effective policy