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Why does Advocates for Children and Youth Exist?


What Do We Do?

We work across the entirety of issue areas that impact children and youth: birth to three, child welfare, economic sufficiency, education, health, and justice. To advance policy and program change, we:

  • Research:  We track data, monitor programs, and listen to the community to identify where children and youth are experiencing barriers or racial disparities that are preventing positive outcomes. We produce data analysis, publications, and policy recommendations on solutions to those barriers.
  • Educate: We speak out through traditional and emerging communications channels, including the press, our website, and social media, as well as engaging with service providers, other organizations, and the community to raise awareness of issues affecting children and build consensus towards solutions.
  • Advocate: We engage agency staff, elected officials, and the public, as well as building solution-centered coalitions, to advance policy and program change that will improve outcomes for children and youth. Through our work we strive to not only change policies, but to empower youth and families to advocate for their own futures.
  • Collaborate:  We work with like-minded organizations and coalitions to offer opportunities to young people to learn about how to advocate for social change through policy, programs, and community engagement.

What Do We Provide?

We provide advocacy and impact data as well as personalized stories to help tell the story of Maryland’s children in a simple way. This information is often used by state agencies, legislators and our fellow advocates.

  • Advocacy Data: We research and recommend best practices to inform or further our work as we champion a course of action or support a point of view.
  • Impact Data: We collect and publish statistics on more than 60 indicators of child well-being as part of our work as a KidsCount® affiliate.
  • Recommendations: We offer sound ideas to agencies, policy makers and our community based on extensive research, in-depth analysis and proven programs in order to better the lives of Maryland’s children.
  • Stories: We compile and share personalized stories so that we can continually connect with those that we serve.

Why Are We Every Child’s Ally?

  • We protect the rights of children in all aspects of health, justice, education and welfare—improving the social sphere for each of Maryland’s children
  • We champion the need for a better world for each child and watching out for them when no one else does—it is all about building positive childhood experiences for generations to come