What are the Benefits of Semen Retention?

Sperm is created in the testicles within a system of tubes called the seminiferous tubules. Healthy sperm is an essential part of human reproduction and a visual indication of when a man has reached orgasm.

Whilst engaging in coitus or masturbation are both natural acts of being human, it is believed that semen retention (also known as not ejaculating) has several benefits for the human body.

From seeking greater gratification in future sexual endeavours through to improved mental focus and more – the reasons why men engage with the practice of semen retention differs on an individual basis. Although it might seem counterintuitive or even unnatural to withhold from orgasm, there are no known health risks associated with prolonged semen retention, and it is considered by many to prompt a range of spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual benefits.

Semen retention is by no means a new concept, and instead has a rich history dating back centuries and can be seen through the likes of Taoism and tantric sex.

Emotional Benefits

Whilst many men practice semen retention for the purpose of later sexual gratification, it’s also something used for its emotional benefits.

Orgasming without ejaculation or abstaining from masturbation or sex altogether is a great test of willpower and focus that overtime, leads to an increased self-confidence and self-control that spans beyond the sexual realm into day-to-day life. It’s also believed to have a positive impact on overall mood, reducing anxiety and helping depression. This, in turn, is considered to increase motivation and believed to have a positive impact on certain cognitive functions like memory and concentration.

Physical Benefits

Semen retention is a complicated topic and there has not been a substantial amount of research around it.

Despite this, many men believe in this practice’s efficacy and claim it also brings several physical benefits. Thicker hair, a deeper voice, improved sperm quality and increased muscle growth are cited as examples of this – with some even considering it can also boost fertility.

Semen retention is also sometimes associated with refraining from porn in the belief that pornographic material can be a detriment to man’s sexual and emotional health when it is watched irresponsibly. In this sense, semen retention can have positive benefits for a mans physical wellbeing as it may help porn addiction, or enable a man to detach and have a break from masturbating and the unrealistic ideals that are often portrayed within the industry.

Sexual Benefits

Sexual gratification is a popular reason behind semen retention. It is believed that abstaining from ejaculation for long periods of time lead to more intense orgasms, and can help a man perform better in the bedroom.

Whilst there is not enough evidence to back these theories up, it could be accurate in the sense that ejaculation feels better after refraining from it for long periods. Semen volume also tend to increase when ejaculating less frequently. Semen volume can varies depending on other factors like your nutrition. That is why there are supplements available over the counter like Volume Pills or Semenax, containing all the necessary ingredients in order to maximise your semen production.

Spiritual Benefits

Some men practice semen retention for its alleged spiritual benefits and the belief that it encourages them to seek enlightenment and gratification from other, non-sexual and more spiritual sources.

This is considered to enable deeper relationships that aren’t dependent on sex, leading to a stronger sense of self, confidence and overall happiness.

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