Viasil Review: Overcome Erectile Dysfunction and more

Viasil is a male enhancement supplement that claims to help men with their sexual performance and stamina issues. It contains natural ingredients like L-arginine which are known for increasing blood flow in the body and helps to maintain an erection for a longer duration.

Skyrocket your sexual performance!

Viasil can be used as a standalone product instead of other supplements such as Viagra, Cialis, etc. It offers below health benefits:

  1. Improves Sexual Performance
  2. Increases Stamina & Endurance
  3. Helps to Maintain an Erection for A Longer Duration

What Is Viasil?

It’s a dietary supplement made up of 100% pure herbal extracts. This supplement has been formulated after extensive research conducted over many years. Its main ingredient is L-Arginine HCL which is one of the most effective amino acids available today. This ingredient is also used in Viasil's direct competitor MaleExtra that we reviewed. L-Arginine HCL increases nitric oxide levels in the body thus helping improve blood circulation and maintaining healthy penile tissues. The active component present in this formula is called ‘L- Arginine Hydrochloride’.

How Does Viasil Work?

The primary function of this supplement is to increase NO production in the body. Nitric Oxide plays a vital role in improving blood flow throughout the entire body. When there is an increased level of nitric oxide in the body then it improves blood circulation in all parts of the body including the penis.

As we know that when there is a poor blood supply to the genitals then it leads to ED problems. So, by using this supplement you will get better results than any other drug on the market.

Viasil is usually an indication for men with low libido, premature ejaculation, weak erection, impotence, lack of endurance during sex, etc. However, if you have already tried some medications but still facing these problems then don't worry because Viasil also works well for them too because it's not only meant for those people who suffer from ED.

What results can you expect after two months using Viasil?

You may find amazing results after using Viasil for two months You might experience improvements in your overall physical fitness, energy levels, mood swings, sleep patterns, memory loss, concentration skills, muscle mass, strength, etc.

These changes happen since l- arginine hydrochloride boosts nitric oxide levels in our bodies. Thus, it enhances the functioning of various organs and systems within us. In addition, it also acts as a precursor to another important compound called citruline.

The benefits of Viasil

Boosts Blood Flow and Sperm Count

As mentioned above, Viasil increases nitric oxide levels inside the body. The increased amount of nitric oxide causes more blood vessels to open so that oxygenated blood flows through these arteries. Oxygenated blood carries nutrients required for the proper functioning of cells. These nutrients include vitamins, minerals, proteins, hormones, enzymes, etc.

All these elements play important roles in enhancing fertility rates. Moreover, like Semenax they keep semen quality at optimum levels. Thus, if you want to enjoy a sex life without worrying about low sperm counts, then try out Viasil.

Harder Erection

If you have been suffering from ED for quite some time now, then you must know how frustrating it feels to experience poor erections every single day. It may seem impossible to get rid of this problem because no one has ever experienced perfect erections daily. Well, Viasil comes as a solution to this issue.

As discussed earlier, Viasil enhances nitric oxide production which leads to better blood flow throughout the entire penis. This makes sure that you achieve harder and stronger erections each time you go into the bedroom.

Prevents Premature Ejaculations

Another benefit of taking Viasil is that it reduces the chances of experiencing premature ejaculations. The main cause of premature ejaculations is the lack of sufficient lubrication during intercourse.

Lubricants help maintain smoothness between two partners’ genitalia. Without adequate lubrication, friction occurs causing pain and discomfort. Such situations make people feel embarrassed and unable to perform sexually. To avoid this situation, take Viasil before going into the bedroom.

Enhances Libido Levels

Libido refers to the desire to engage in sexual activities. When we talk about improving libido level, most of us think about using Viagra. But there are other ways too! For example, by consuming foods rich in zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, calcium, copper, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and Vitamin C.

In addition, regular exercise improves stamina and endurance. Also, having enough sleep and avoiding stress plays an essential role in maintaining optimal performance. So, when you combine all these factors together, your libido should improve naturally.

Which ingredients does Viasil contains ?

L-Arginine – An amino acid found in nature. Arginine boosts testosterone levels and acts as a precursor for nitric oxide synthesis. Nitric oxide relaxes muscles and dilates blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation. It is present in natural food sources such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk products, etc. L-arginine increases NO production thereby enhancing penile blood flow.

Ginkgo Biloba ExtractPopular amongst male enhancement pills, Ginkgo biloba extract contains flavonoids called ginkgolides A, B, C & D. Flavonoids increase blood flow and enhance brain function. They also prevent platelets from clumping together thus preventing heart attacks.

Ginseng Root Extract – Ginseng root extract stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. Both hormones stimulate testicular growth and development. It has been used since ancient times to treat various health conditions including impotency.

Studies show that ginsenosides extracted from ginseng can boost energy levels and promote healthy body functions. These compounds have been shown to reduce memory loss and protect against Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been proven effective in treating symptoms related to male impotence.

L-Citrulline Malate – Citrulline malate is converted into citrulline in our bodies. Once citrulline enters the bloodstream, it converts into arginine which further produces nitric oxide. Thus, more nitric oxide gets produced leading to improved erection quality.

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract – Saw palmetto berry extract is derived from the berries of the saw palmetto plant. This herb has traditionally been used to relieve urinary tract infections and prostate problems. Recent studies suggest that saw palmetto may also play a vital role in boosting sex drive.

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract – Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract is known to contain saponins which act like steroids. Saponins help maintain muscle mass and strength while promoting leanness. The presence of saponins makes this product suitable for those who want to lose weight without compromising on muscle tone or strength.

Epimedium brevicornum – Horny goat weed is native to China where it was first discovered centuries ago. Its use dates to Chinese traditional medicine. Epimedium extracts have been reported to be useful in relieving menopausal symptoms. Some research suggests that epimedin A, B, C, E & F could potentially benefit men with low sperm count. However, more clinical trials need to be conducted before any firm conclusions can be drawn.

Zinc Oxide – Zinc oxide is one of the best dietary supplements available today It  protects skin cells from UV rays and reduces inflammation.

What is the pricing?

The price of Viasil is around 59 USD after discount, however, if you opt for a better package of 2-month supply which comes at cost of 119.99 USD only, you will get one month more free supply. Similarly, if you order 3-month supply of Viasil for the cost of 179.99 USD we will provide you 2 months extra supply of this product for free.

Where can Viasil be bought?

It can be bought from as they have season promotions and package deals which may prove to be more cost-efficient as compared to buying it from any retail pharmacy store.

Delivery Delay

In case of delivery delay, please contact They will try to resolve the dispute as soon as possible. If you want your money back, call the customer service team and they will provide you with return instructions within 48 hours. Purchase of one month’s supply is not covered by the money-back guarantee.

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