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This year’s legislative session is a bit different as all hearings will be held virtually. However, our resolve for reducing disparities and championing racial equity through our campaign, Equity for All Kids, remains the same. On this page you will find all our information about the 2021 Legislative Session. It will contain our legislative agenda, bill hearing schedules, one-pagers, social media content, links to our county data sheets and more. We encourage you to check this page frequently for updates. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Click on the thumbnail for the document. If you have any questions about the issues we either support or oppose, please contact us below.

Birth to Three
Melissa Rock | Birth to Three Strategic Initiative Director|  mrock@acy.org

Child Welfare
Rachel White|  Child Welfare Policy Director|  rwhite@acy.org

Shanetta Martin| Interim Education Policy Assistant Director| smartin@acy.org
Hannah Breakstone | Policy Associate | hbreakstone@acy.org

Youth Justice
Ashley DeVaughn | Policy & Advocacy Consultant, Youth Justice Analyst|  adevaughn@acy.org
Hannah Breakstone | Policy Associate | hbreakstone@acy.org

Research and Communications
Nonso Umunna| Research Director|  data@acy.org / numunna@acy.org
Carol Walker | Communications Director|  cwalker@acy.org