The Great Semenax Review : Results & Side Effects

Semenax is a supplement that has been around since the early 90s. It’s not new but still many people are unaware of this product as they have never heard about it before.

The most common reasons for using Semenax are to help improve sexual performance and increase sperm count which can be used for those who want to father their own children.

There are also other uses like improving one’s endurance during sex, increasing libido, etc. However, there are several negative reviews regarding its effectiveness, so we decided to do an independent Semenax review on whether it does work or not.

The Pills designed to make you a sex beast

The great semenax review

Semenax is made up of herbal ingredients. These herbs are known to enhance stamina, enhance erection size and blood flow into the penis thus making men able to last longer. Semenax works as a climax enhancer because it helps men produce more frequent and stronger erections.

The ingredients contained within Semenax have a variety of positive influences on the body especially when it comes to boosting testosterone levels and promoting healthier sperm counts.

9 results you can honestly expect from Semenax

List of Semenax's benefits

If consumed properly over a while, Semenax could be well effective for the below health conditions:

  1. Increases Libido – When it comes to enhancing sexual desire, Semenax offers some great advantages. Most notably, it provides increased stamina while maintaining normal blood pressure levels throughout intercourse. In addition, it boosts overall mood and promotes relaxation thanks to all of the herbal extracts included in the formulation.
  2. Improves Sexual Performance – As mentioned above, Semenax contains dozens upon dozens of herbs designed specifically to promote healthy sperm health. These herbs provide numerous benefits including improved hormone balance, enhanced circulation, increased muscle mass, reduced fatigue, and much more.
  3. Boosts Male Fertility – Because both women and men suffer from infertility issues every single day, Semenax makes sense regardless of gender. By helping men manage stress through exercise and proper nutrition, it allows them to focus on producing bigger quantities of high-quality sperm.
  4. Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels – While the primary goal behind Semenax is to enhance sexual pleasure, another benefit of this dietary supplement includes the ability to maintain higher testosterone levels than ever before. Although aging tends to cause declines in testosterone levels, Semenax helps counteract these changes in several ways.
  5. Helps With Premature Ejaculation – Another key advantage of Semenax is that it treats premature ejaculations effectively. Thanks to all of the active compounds present in the blend, men suffering from this condition enjoy longer-lasting orgasms.
  6. Treats ED Naturally – If you’re already experiencing erection problems such as impotence, then chances are that you’ve recently experienced a stressful period in life. Fortunately, Semenax provides relief from this issue as well. Not only does it allow users to sustain long-lasting erections, but it reduces anxiety associated with stress management as well.
  7. Increases sperm count and volume– A 20% increase in sperm volume. The formula has been clinically proven safe for consumption over an extended period. There have not been reports of serious adverse reactions or other complications when using Semenax.
  8. Improves energy level – After becoming absorbed into one’s system, Semenax begins working immediately. This means that there will be no delay between taking the product and starting to experience positive outcomes. Additionally, since the ingredients contained within Semenax are completely natural, they pose zero risks of causing allergic reactions.
  9. Helps You Get Harder and Last Longer During Sex – One of the most important aspects of being able to achieve orgasm during sex is having enough strength and endurance.

Buy Semenax : Boost Your Sperm Volume

Buy Semenax today to boost your fertility! This natural male enhancement formula increases sperm production naturally without any side effects. Men with low ejaculate volume may experience better quality and quantity of sperms after taking this pill.

Semenax has various benefits:

  1. Treats premature ejaculation.
  2. Improves libido.
  3. Increases your energy levels.

How Does Semenax Work?

It contains natural herbal extracts such as ginseng root extract, horny goat weed herb extract, L-arginine. Ginseng Root Extract boosts nitric oxide level while horny goat weed herb extract enhances circulation.

Both ginseng and horny goat weed herb extract contain amino acids called arginine that improve nitric oxide release. Nitric oxide plays a vital role in helping nerves communicate with each other. Arginine helps relax muscles and reduces muscle spasms.

It also provides relief against impotence and premature ejaculation issues. Semenax is indicated for men with poor semen quality due to low sperm concentration and motility.

Semenax and other semen enhancement pills such as Volume Pills and Semenoll that we both reviewed are indicated for use only by adult males aged 18 years old and above. If you’re below the age limit, then please refrain from ordering Semenax as you cannot legally purchase it. Also, make sure that you follow the daily dosage, otherwise you might develop stomach problems.

The effectiveness of Semenax depends upon how often you consume the pills every time you feel the urge to perform sexually. When taken regularly, Semenax stays active for 3 months. But remember that you should always consult your doctor first before consuming any dietary supplements.

The 7 Ingredients contained in Semenax

Semenax is an herbal product made up of the below plan extracts:

Ginsenosides – A compound found in Panax species including Panax ginseng. Ginsenoside compounds are thought to promote cell growth and prevent free radicals from damaging DNA. They also stimulate nerve cells involved in transmitting signals between brain regions and organs.

Panax Ginseng – An Asian plant native to China and Korea. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng was often prescribed to strengthen physical strength and vitality. Also considered useful by TCM practitioners for treating poor memory.

L-Arginine HCL – Found in many foods but the highest concentrations occur in red meat, poultry liver, fish, milk products, eggs, and peanuts. It promotes healthy immune function by stimulating antibody formation. It also supports normal kidney function.

Tribulus Terrestris Herb – Promotes healthy prostate gland activity. It is believed to support healthy hormone balance and is effective for both sexes. May help reduce inflammation associated with conditions like asthma, arthritis, hay fever, and eczema.

Horny Goat Weed – One of the oldest medicinal plants used since ancient times. Used traditionally to boost sexual desire and fertility in women. It may help relieve anxiety or depression symptoms. Horny Goat Weed has also shown promise in aiding the treatment of high cholesterol and hypertension. Some studies suggest it may even lower cholesterol.

Passionflower – This flowering vine grows wild throughout North America. Its leaves and roots were once commonly used as a mild sedative and antihistamine. Recent research suggests passionflower may help manage pain related to menstrual cramps. Other benefits include relieving stress, reducing anxiety, alleviating PMS symptoms, easing tension headaches, improving sleep quality, enhancing libido, increasing energy and concentration.

Maca – From Peru, this tuberous root vegetable is prized for its ability to improve hormones, increase endurance, and build lean mass. Studies show maca increases libido and aids female fertility.

How long does it take to see the first results ?

The average time is not the same for everyone however we noted that no one reported seeing results before 2 weeks. It took on average two months to get the better of it. In some cases the sperm volume kept raising until the 3rd month where it plateaued.

What is the price range ?

The price range of Semenax varies depending on where you buy it online. The average cost per bottle ranges anywhere from $60-$120, making it an affordable supplement option if you’re looking to add some extra stamina into your life. Considering how much time can be spent trying to reach a climax when performing oral sex, investing in a good male enhancement solution doesn’t have to break the bank!

12 month supply $399.95 plus free delivery
6 month supply $289.95 plus free delivery
3 month supply $154.95
1 month supply $59.95

Where can Semenax be bought ?

Semenax does not require a prescription so there’s no need to visit a doctor before using this natural formula. Several reputable websites sell Semenax such as,,, etc. If you’re interested in buying Semenax online, then check out our recommended site here.

You can purchase Semenax at any reputable retailer such as GNC stores and Walmart. Semenax can also be bought on We strongly advise you to buy Semenax pills directly from the official site as you can benefit from the 100% money back guarantee.

Before taking any supplements always consult your physician first. Do not take any medication without consulting your doctor first.

The average delivery delay

In the event of non-arrival of product please inform the platform you ordered from within 7 days of order placement. will arrange the shipment of replacement goods based upon availability, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days; however, in case of damage/defects due to incorrect usage, they do not provide refund or exchange.

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