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The Juvenile Services Education program is operated by the state’s Department of Education within juvenile detention and committed placement facilities.  It is plagued with a number of problems, such as inadequate or outdated educational materials, poorly designed and implemented classes, and untrained staff.  MSDE has created a strategic plan for reform, and Advocates for Children and Youth will work with MSDE and partner organizations to monitor and verify the implementation of a plan.

UPDATE: February 16, 2016
MSDE has contracted with Dr. Peter Leone of the University of Maryland to monitor and verify the implementation of the strategic reform plan it drew up last year in consultation with ACY and other advocates.  Dr. Leone is a nationally recognized expert in education programs for youth custody of juvenile justice systems across the United States.  We are pleased that he will be lending his expertise in support of the effort to improve the JSE program.

UPDATE: May 31, 2016
MSDE and DJS have signed a Memorandum of Understanding over procedures that govern how and when a youth in detention or commitment transitions out of JSE schools and back into their local schools.  ACY and partners suggested such an agreement would be advisable, and we are pleased that it has now been finalized.