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LEGISLATIVE ALERT: Tell the House Judiciary Committee to support HB471 and hold children accountable in an appropriate and fair way. Click here to send your letter.

The Maryland Senate recently heard SB215, a bill to scale back the automatic charging of youth as adults by expanding the original jurisdiction of juvenile courts into areas that are currently under the original jurisdiction of adult criminal courts.

ACY supports this bill and its House cross-file, which is yet to be heard.  ACY’s juvenile justice policy director Rais Akbar wrote testimony in support on behalf of the Maryland Alliance for the Poor (MAP).  You can read this testimony here.

You can read more on our position on the charging of youth as adults on our policy priorities page.


February 22nd
 Supporters were contacted to send a letter to House Judiciary Committee to support HB471 which allows for all cases involving juveniles to begin in juvenile court.