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INITIATIVE COMPLETE: Promoting public policies and investments so that all Maryland children are safe, healthy, educated, and secure in their families and communities.


The Imagine advocacy campaign, which supports in-state tuition for all qualifying students, runs until the November election. The campaign, which has 4 installments, is designed to garner voter support for the Maryland Dream Act or Question 4: Public Institutions of Higher Education—Tuition Rates. Would you like to help spread the word? Keep reading to find out how!


1. Spread the word through your social media network. Put this information on Facebook. Tweet it. Pin it. We want all Maryland children to have an opportunity to succeed. Copy and save the English or Spanish version.

Installment 1: Imagine.
English or Spanish version

Installment 2: Higher.
English or Spanish version

Installment 3: Education
English or Spanish version

Installment 4: For All.
English or Spanish version
Available: October 30

2. Discuss the Maryland Dream Act among your friends and refer to the English or Spanish fact sheet for more information.

3. Go and Vote FOR Question 4 on November 6th!

4. After you have voted FOR Question 4, Tweet about it #higherED4all.