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HB451 – Neighborhood Business Development Program – $1 Million in Fresh Food Financial Assistance for Food Desert Areas
Alters the purpose of the Neighborhood Business Development Program to include help creating specified small businesses and other food-related enterprises in food deserts; specifying criteria for designating an area as a food desert; requiring the Program to provide financial assistance to projects in food deserts; authorizing specified entities to apply for financial assistance for a project in a food desert under specified circumstances; establishing the Interagency Food Desert Advisory Committee; etc.

Why this bill is important: Advocates for Children and Youth supports this bill as it enhances the ability of Neighborhood Business Works (NBW) to provide financial assistance in locally designated “food deserts,” where low-income residents do not have access to supermarkets. Increasing NBW’s capacity will create jobs, spark economic growth, improve food security and promote positive health behavior.

Update: PASSED.