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More than 700,000 workers in Maryland do not have the right to earned paid sick leave.

Parents without paid sick days are more than twice as likely than parents with paid sick days to send a sick child to school or day care.   They are five times more likely to report taking their child or  family members to the emergency room because they were unable to take time off from  work. Forty-two percent of women have had the experience of being unable to take time off of work to care for a child.

It will take a rule of law to eliminate the impossible choice many parents have to make between taking care of a sick child or going to work to not sacrifice a day’s pay.


January 4, 2016
This year, key legislators and coalition leaders decided to delete the word “paid” and refer to the economic benefit as earned sick leave. Last year that the word “paid” distracted focus from the fact that workers actually earned the leave.

The campaign for earned sick leave began in 2012.  Advocates hope 2016 will be the year for this business practice to become law.

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April 10, 2016

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SINE DIE SUMMARY: Earned Sick Leave fails in Senate Finance Committee

For the first time in four years, we passed earned sick days out of the House with a rock solid majority.  We grew our campaign from the ground up and turned it into something that legislative leaders can no longer ignore.    We lined the streets with supporters, had planes flying overhead, and had phone calls coming in from Air Force One.  We packed hearing rooms, wrote letters, made phone calls, shared our personal experiences, engaged anyone who was willing to listen, and – most importantly – did everything we could to bring the stories of 700,000 Marylanders to the halls of Annapolis.

We worked together in complete coordination with each other to produce a groundswell that no one could have predicted.  And, as a result of our endless efforts, a bill that had been declared dead was resurrected and poised for passage on the final day of session.

Please, wherever you are today, stop and take a moment to appreciate all the ways YOU helped to make happen.  Without you and the organizations you each represent, we never would have made it this far.