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  • Baltimore City is home to roughly 85,000 children and cities of comparative size and relatively the same youth population have significantly more recreational activities for their young people. In Baltimore City, there were significant gaps in summer activities and programming available to youth between the ages 14-21 years old who make up more than 40 percent (35,000) of the youth population.
  •  Historically, one of busiest holidays is the Fourth of July weekend and it has the least amount of activities for this age group.  Of the events that did exist, they were not marketed or sufficiently attractive to youth. Therefore, for many young people, these activities were nonexistent.
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  • As a result, a community collective—comprised of youth and community leaders joined by nonprofits, businesses and local government—assembled to develop a strategy to provide new summer activities for youth in the 14-21 year old age range; effectively promote new and existing events through youth-centric communications channels; and to reinforce the creativeness, vibrancy and positive energy of Baltimore City youth.  

What is BmoreLive?

  • BmoreLive – is the result of Baltimore City coming together as a collective to provide and promote new and existing events across the City that occur between now and September during the critical hours of 3-11PM on Fridays and Saturdays for youth 14-21 years old.
  • We must invest in our youth, who are the future of our city, by providing activities and opportunities during these critical hours.

Events for Fourth of July weekend:

July 4th – Shake & Bake $1 Day from 4-7pm 1601 Pennsylvania Ave

Waterfront Festival At Middle Branch/Cherry Hill 1-10pm 3301 Waterview Ave

“Just Chill” Baltimore Harbor 8-10pm- BmoreLive Volunteers will be goodwill ambassadors by engaging and talking with young people as they walk around the Harbor.

July 5th – Eight Recs In the city will open for the summer. Their hours will be Friday’s 5-11pm and Saturday’s 2-10pm. 

Office for the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City #PopUp 6-9pm CC Jackson Recreation Center

July 6th – Star Spangled Banga is a Free Pop Up Concert featuring artist Money Jake, Lex Chapo, SBO Boyz, and Lor Ronald. There will also be vendors, a pool, and free food! This event is from 5-11pm at the Liberty Rec & Tech Center, 3901 Maine Ave