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Maryland Dental AccessThousands of people across the Maryland don’t have access to the dental care necessary to lead healthy lives. Some cite the high cost or not being able to find a dentist that will accept their insurance. Others can’t find a dentist or clinic within a reasonable distance from their home and some can’t get to the dentist office during “regular” office hours.

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Maryland Dental AccessCurrently more than half a million Maryland residents live in areas designated by the federal government as having a shortage of dentists. Children on Medicaid face even higher barriers to finding a dentist, since only 1 in 3 Maryland dentists accepts Medicaid.

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Maryland Dental AccessThe authorization of mid-level dental professionals—called dental therapists—can work under the supervision of a dentist as they provide preventive and routine care like filling cavities, placing temporary crowns, and extracting primary and loose, badly diseased permanent teeth.

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