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How to Make a Difference in 30 Seconds

“Advocates” is the name given to people who care enough to take action and make a difference. We count you as one of those people.

Our children need us to be the voice in places where they are not always heard. However, we cannot be in the halls where policy is made or in the offices where practices are developed if there is no funding. We cannot communicate with parents, grandparents and caregivers if there is no funding.

Please take 30 seconds of your time and donate $20 a month to support our work for Maryland’s kids.

Our impact report chronicles our accomplishments in affecting the entirety of children’s world’s—the systems they touch, the people they interact with and the environment where they live. Our work will have a positive impact on our children now and in the future.

Please know that we are good stewards in policy and in practice. For every dollar you invest, 86 cents goes to better the lives of Maryland’s children.

We moved from strength to strength by increasing our revenue base by 55 percent over FY2012. In FY2013, we received two multi-year grants. Below is our financial information which shows our revenues and expenses for FY2013 which runs from July 2012 to June 2013.

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