How to Improve your Semen Quality ?

If you are looking to increase your sperm quality, its paramount that you prioritise taking care of your body and ensuring it’s in an optimal condition. After all, a poorly working machine produces a low-quality product – and the same can be said about the body.

Sperm quality is typically discussed in the context of family planning, whereby men wishing to start their own family or successfully impregnate a woman take a closer look at their bodies, trying to ensure their sperm quality is the best it can be to increase their chances of successfully fertilising a female’s egg.

The quality of sperm is typically measured against a criterion of quantity, where the amount of active and healthy sperm is determined by examining semen under a microscope to gauge how many sperm appear within squares on a grid pattern.

What Causes Poor Quality Sperm?

Poor sperm quality can be caused by a myriad of different reasons encompassing lifestyle choices and health problems. However, some factors that may contribute towards a low- or poor-quality sperm count include alcohol and drug abuse, hernia repair surgery, hormone disorder (such as low testosterone) and severe mumps infection after puberty.

Increasing Sperm Quality – What to Do

Please note that infertility is not always treatable. However, there are some things that can boost the chances of conception.

Improve Your Diet

A healthy diet has long been established as good for the human body, but can also aid sperm quality.

Food rich in folate (also known as a form of vitamin B9, or folic acid) are thought to product healthy and strong sperm. This can be found in everything from spinach and kale through to Brussels sprouts, asparagus and romaine lettuce. Omega-3 fatty acids are also considered as sperm-boosting superfoods, and can be found in fish like salmon, anchovies, herring and sardines.

For those looking to improve their sperm count, here are 5 food that you can eat.

Get Enough Exercise

Studies have shown that men who engage in regular exercise have higher testosterone levels and better quality of semen than those who are sedentary.

Being overweight is associated with infertility and exercise is a great way to counteract this. In addition to having a positive impact on your sperm count, exercise boosts those endorphins and makes you feel great.

Minimise Stress Levels

Prolonged stress raises cortisol levels, which has negative effects on testosterone, which in turn effects sperm quality.

Try and identify any sources of stress in your life and take action to help this. Being less stressed can also be beneficial for the libido and make you more likely to be in the mood for sex.

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Take Vitamin C and D

Supplementing with vitamins may help improve sperm quality.

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, and some evidence suggests that taking antioxidant supplements like vitamin C can benefit sperm quality. Similarly is the case for vitamin D as this nutrient is thought to boost testosterone. This can be obtained through exposure to the sun, but can also be found in cod liver oil, tuna fish, orange juice fortified with vitamin D, swordfish and more.

Things to Remember

Other ways to improve sperm quality include limiting alcohol, getting enough sleep, supplementing with zinc and avoiding eating too much soy.

However -if you and your partner are struggling to fall pregnant after a long period of trying, it’s worth seeking medical help to get your semen analysed.

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