How can stress affect your semen quality?

There is no question that stress can leave you feeling frustrated, tired, and even anxious. But did you know that the physical effects of stress go beyond just how you feel? This blog post looks at what happens to your body when you are stressed out.

What is stress?

In simple terms, stress refers to a mental or emotional state caused by adverse environmental conditions such as lack of sleep and poor nutrition. In more complex terms, it includes any internal situation that causes anxiety or tension, whether physical or psychological. It may be short-term (for example, when experiencing family problems) or long-term (such as dealing with a divorce). Both low levels of stress and too much stress are associated with negative health outcomes.

How stress can affect your semen quality?

Stress has direct and indirect impacts on semen quality. The human body has three main systems responsible for maintaining homeostasis: the nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system. Stress tends to adversely impact one or all of these systems. 

If stress leads to a reduction in sperm count, it could potentially be a contributing factor to the decline in semen quality seen in men suffering from depression. This is especially true if the male is under constant stress due to his job or a relationship with a partner. 

Stress also affects how well sperm can penetrate an egg, which is the basis of conception. The stress hormone cortisol may be to blame for making it more difficult for sperm to reach an egg. Stress can negatively affect semen quality.

Thereafter, the sperm become sluggish and are less able to fertilise an egg.  The good news is that stress is controllable. By controlling stress, you can improve your semen quality and increase fertility.

Nutrition plays a big role in your sperm count, by choosing the right ingredients, especially the one containing fibers, you can increase your sperm production.

To lower your stress you can implement the following activities in your routine : 

  • Meditation
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Breathing technics
  • Progressive muscle relaxation

When does stress start affecting semen quality?

The impact of stress on semen quality occurs over a period of time and can start from early adulthood. The longer a man is stressed, the worse his semen quality will be. Stress can be physical, psychological, emotional, or social. As a result of long-term stress, it can be very damaging to male fertility. 

There are many things that can cause stress. The three most common physical causes of stress are the following: Hormone imbalance An imbalance in the hormones can create stress. Stress can be caused by too much cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen.

A decline in sperm count can occur due to too much cortisol. High levels of cortisol in the body may affect semen quality by reducing blood flow to the testes. Too much cortisol can also cause an increase in the amount of fluid in the testicles. The increased fluid can block the testes, preventing sperm from being produced.

Sperm quality can be improved not only with letting go of stress, but also by changing your diet, doing exercices, having enough vitamin C and D.

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