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Thank you for joining us last Friday to hear Bryan Stevenson’s important and moving message, even as the hotel was surrounded by the National Guard.  I’m sure you have thought about his prescription for Baltimore City:

1) Increase your Proximity – we miss things when we make decisions about kids from a distance;
2) Change the Narrative – kids are still kids, no matter what they have done;
3) Get out of your comfort zone – change comes when we choose to do uncomfortable things;
4) Have hope – choose to be hopeful, not hopeless.

Much of the work on the long road to restoring Baltimore’s children, families and neighborhoods begins with defining and lifting up nonpartisan policies that create access – instead of barriers, and opportunity—instead of hopelessness.

Advocates for Children and Youth is working to build a community where children’s encounters with the police are an improbable rather than an expected event.  Many thanks for your support of our policy and system reform work.  With your help we will change the future for Baltimore and Maryland’s children.  To donate, click here.