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HB 248/SB 181: Education – Child Care Subsidies – Mandatory Funding Level: This legislation builds on last year’s successes expanding Maryland’s Child Care Subsidy program. It simply speeds up the implementation of last year’s expansions by requiring Maryland’s subsidy be at least at the 60th percentile of market value by FY 2021 rather than by FY 2022. Access to high quality child care is especially valuable for lower income families who can now use the Child Care Subsidy to access more child care options. Please click here to read our testimony in support.

MSDE Early Childhood Budget: ACY was proud to support the Maryland State Department of Education’s Early Childhood budget. This budget includes funding for programs integral to young children and their families, including the Child Care Subsidy program, Judy Centers, Infants and Toddlers, and more. ACY does suggest that the funding formula be re-evaluated with consideration given to increasing Infants & Toddlers funding in jurisdictions with higher rates of poverty given the high correlation between toxic stress and developmental or social-emotional needs. Please click here to read our testimony.