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Having successfully partnering with Senator Feguson and Delegate Jones to create the Thrive by Three legislation in the 2018 Legislative Session, we are thrilled to continue our efforts to ensure the Thrive By Three Fund is robustly funded. Our 2019 legislation includes an appropriation of $5M statewide for care coordination for pregnant mothers each year.

It also creates a Task Force on Maryland Prenatal and Infant Care Coordination to make recommendations on:

  • how the policies of the Health Services Cost Review Commission can be used to incentivize early interventions and prevention of key adverse birth outcomes, such as asthma, adverse birth outcomes, sickle cell crisis, and mental health crises; and
  • how payment mechanisms can:
    • support community-based and school-based models of care;
    • use the global budgets revenue system to improve child care;
    • assist in collaborations with public health care; and
    • use the Core Set of Children’s Health Care Quality Measured for Medicaid to monitor improvements.

Click here to read a one pager about the Thrive By Three fund.

HB 520 received unanimous favorable reports from the House Appropriations and the House Health and Government Operations Committees and passed Third reader on the House floor unanimously.

SB 406 received a unanimous favorable with amendments report in the Senate Finance Committee and passed Third Reader on the Senate Floor unanimously.

Our hearing for HB 520 in the House Health and Government Operations Committee went very well. We did learn that we will need to amend the bill so the annual appropriation is $100,000 rather than $5,000,000, which is a little bit disappointing.

We had a great hearing in the Senate Finance Committee for SB 406! Our witnesses at the hearing included Dr. Tina Cheng, Director of the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins, Rebecca Dineen, Assistant Commissioner for Maternal and Child Health at the Baltimore City Health Department, and Alyson Jacobson, Director of Healthy Families Prince George’s at the Prince George’s Child Resource Center.

SB 406 will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, February 14th at 1 pm.

Thrive By Three’s House cross file is HB 520. It is being heard in both the House Health and Government Operations and House Appropriations Committees. Delegate Lierman and Delegate Jones are our lead sponsors and we are proud to have the following co-sponsors:

  • Delegate Bagnall
  • Delegate Boyce
  • Delegate Bridges
  • Delegate Charkoudian
  • Delegate Clippinger
  • Delegate Conaway
  • Delegate Ebersole
  • Delegate Feldmark
  • Delegate Glenn
  • Delegate Hettleman
  • Delegate Ivey
  • Delegate Jalisi
  • Delegate Korman
  • Delegate Krimm
  • Delegate Lafferty
  • Delegate Lehman
  • Delegate R. Lewis
  • Delegate McIntosh
  • Delegate Palakovich
  • Delegate Carr
  • Delegate Sample-Hughes
  • Delegate Smith
  • Delegate Solomon
  • Delegate Valderrama
  • Delegate Wells

This year’s Thrive By Three Senate Bill is SB 406. Senator Ferguson is our lead sponsor, and we are pleased to have the following co-sponsors signed onto the bill:

  • Senator Benson
  • Senator Carter
  • Senator Elfreth
  • Senator Ellis
  • Senator Feldman
  • Senator Guzzone
  • Senator Hayes
  • Senator Klausmeier
  • Senator Lee
  • Senator McCray
  • Senator Nathan-Pulliam
  • Senator Patterson
  • Senator Rosapepe
  • Senator Washington

Please find The Family League’s one pager about Thrive By Three here.