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Graduate MarylandRead More

Graduate Maryland, Advocates for Children and Youth’s initiative to increase graduation rates, was launched in 2013. The initiative was developed in response to Maryland’s dropout rates and the recent passage of the new Compulsory School Age (CSA) law which increased the age for mandatory attendance from 16 to 18 years old.

Effective School Discipline for MarylandRead More

Zero tolerance policies with severe consequences have resulted in high numbers of students —particularly students of color and students with disabilities — being suspended, expelled and even arrested for often minor offenses that were once handled in school. As a result, these students are spending less time in school and are more likely to dropout, experience unemployment and become involved with the juvenile justice system. In February 2014 , the Maryland State Board of Education decided to reverse this trend and enacted new common-sense regulations in to ensure that students are held accountable for the behavior
in a fair and appropriate manner.

The Resilient Ones: Maryland’s Foster YouthRead More

The Resilient Ones is an initiative to help foster youth — one of the most unseen and vulnerable populations in Maryland.

We have national statistics and local anecdotal stories which show foster youth need our attention. We know from our state agencies that Maryland has thousands of children in its care. While in the State’s care, information about foster youth is restricted because of safety and privacy concerns. When a youth ages out of care, there is limited-to-no information because their progress is not monitored. To add to this information embargo, foster youth typically do not self-identify.