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The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee held hearings on a bill intended to “shield” the records of juveniles charged as adults pending a determination by the courts of whether or not to transfer jurisdiction back to the juvenile court.

ACY supports this bill in accordance with our opposition to unduly publicly criminalizing youth. As the law stands, if a juvenile is charged as an adult, then, media outlets can publicize their names, faces, and crimes. These public accusations will remain on internet news outlets in perpetuity. Even if the charges are later dropped, the youth is forever associated with this crime. In many cases, youth charged as adults are decertified and waived back down into the juvenile courts where their records are shielded and they are afforded confidentiality. ACY firmly believes that all youth should be afforded the shielding of their records until after there is a final determination that their case will be heard in the adult courts.