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Expanding Dental Access in Maryland (SB 1013/HB 1214) 

Ten years after the tragic death of Deamonte Driver, too many children in Maryland still struggle to find adequate dental services. More than 507,000 Maryland residents live in areas designated by the federal government as having a shortage of dentists. These bills, which provide for the licensure of dental therapists and the practice of dental therapy in Maryland, will increase access to critical dental care services, particularly for low-income children and families,  people with limited mobility, or those who live in geographically remote settings.

Advocates for Children and Youth strongly supports SB 1013/HB 1214.


Smoke-Free Multifamily Housing Promotion Act (HB 855)

Secondhand smoke in multifamily housing creates a significant health risk to non-smoking residents. The Smoke-free Multifamily Housing Promotion Act would incentivize rental units, condominiums and/or co-operative apartment buildings to go smoke-free by providing financial assistance in obtaining smoke-free certification from the Department of Housing and Community Affairs in the form of a grant. The grant would be paid for using Maryland’s share of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, known as the Cigarette Restitution Fund.

As secondhand smoke exposure at any level or degree is a health hazard and causes significant health risks, including cardiovascular disease, asthma, cancer, and death, Advocates for Children and Youth supports HB 855.

Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Act (HB 909/SB 571)

The Act creates the Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission to conduct an assessment of the impact of potential repeal and replacement of the ACA. The Commission will make recommendations for State and local action to be taken to protect access of Maryland residents to affordable health care coverage.

Advocates for Children and Youth supports HB 909/SB 571.